Thomson First United Methodist Church
Monday, June 18, 2018
To make disciples of Jesus Christ through active, Christ-centered ministries of love

Worship Committee

“Creating opportunities to meet and respond to God”

Reverend John F. Barnes, Pastoral Leadership
Worship Team Leader, Joyce Cheek 
Choir Representative, Ann Roberts
Café Praise Representative, Beth Newton
Altar Guild Coordinator, Beth Eber
Café Praise Altar Guild, Coordinator,  Karyn Strickler
Acolyte Coordinator, Michelle Braddy
Usher / Greeter Coordinator, Jane Dansie
Children’s Church Coordinator, Paige Hyman
    Seasonal Decorations Coordinator, Marye Gibson
    Wedding Coordinator, Kaye Lokey
   Sound System Coordinator, Trent Henderson
Early Service Representatives, Johnny & Lisa Kitchens
  Director of Music Ministries, Brian Lustig


Who is responsible for worship in the local church?

The appointed pastor is given this responsibility. The Book of Discipline, describes the summarizes these duties “to preach the Word of God, lead in worship, read and teach the Scriptures and engage the people in study and witness.” 

 From The Book of Discipline of The United Methodist Church — 2004. Copyright © 2004 by The United Methodist Publishing House.

Rev. Dan Benedict, from the Center for Worship Resourcing, explains, “The Discipline does give the pastor responsibility for overseeing the worship life of the congregation.  Oversight, however, does not mean carelessness in relationship to things, people, and the liturgy of the church. It means engaging in dialogue and respectful choosing that honors local and historic traditions and practices along with the mission of the church in its community. It is never the pastor's worship. It is never to be just the local congregation's worship."  The liturgy of worship - whether it is formal and tradition or casual and contemporary - is always the work of the people offered to God.

Music leaders (whether full- or part-time, volunteer or paid) work with the pastor to plan and lead worship, but it takes many others if we are going to offer "our best" to God.  The worship committee is an essential part of worship at TFUMC.  This committee assists with many tasks, and takes responsibility for a large number of things in the worship environment.  Decorating the sanctuary for different seasons of the Christian year such as Advent, Lent and Easter is one role of the worship team.  Setting the Lord's Table for communion, and cleaning up afterwards is another.  And, there are important roles for younger members of the congregation as well.  Acolytes bring the light of Christ into the sanctuary, carry the processional cross, assist with communion, and other important roles.