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Monday, June 18, 2018
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“Sharing the Good News through Witness and Service”

Rev. John F. Barnes, Pastoral Leadership

Witness Team Leader, Darren Meadows
Internet Coordinator, Jack Joesbury
Missions Coordinator, Billy Corley
Communications Coordinator, Mike Wall
Prison Ministry, Dot Knox

Flood Buckets 2010

Yes, it would have been even better if we had a photographer on August 15 when we had our bucket packing party ... and, as was pointed out by one of our younger volunteers, we should have had cake, ice cream and balloons ... It was, afterall, a party!  Jacob Casstevens did pack the most buckets (16), but admits that when he inspected them all to find where the 'leftover' items were 'left out,' admitted that he should subtract that bucket.  He was (somewhat) humbled because his older brother, Simon, packed 100% perfect buckets:  nothing left out.  We also need to acknowledge Carol and Harold Ward who were the first to figure out how to pack a bucket and get one done.  The Phantom, aka Earl Carr, and Pat packed their share as did the Derry family, Hayden and Addison McCord, Ann Knox, and many many others.  We learned that the packer in the Barnes family is definitely Catherine and not John both by the totals and the accuracy ...
We were all so busy that no one bothered to get a head count, but it was especially wonderful to see how everyone figured out what needed to be done and went and did it ... even when it was something REALLY boring like counting out 24 trash bags! 
So, here are the buckets on their way to the drop-off point at Washington First UMC, where UMCOR Seger Brown will pick them up, and then who knows where they will go, and whose lives they will touch.  Such simple things ...
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