Thomson First United Methodist Church
Monday, June 18, 2018
To make disciples of Jesus Christ through active, Christ-centered ministries of love
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Encounter the faith narrative from creation to Christianity.
Embrace the essential beliefs and practices of The United Methodist Church.
Embody the confirmation vows and embark on the Christian discipleship journey.
When our children move from the children's ministry area to youth, there is a period of transition and preparation.  Children in the 6th grade feel they are "too old" for children's activities, but are not yet mature enough to participate with the youth.  They are ready to know more, take on more responsibility, and yet are not yet able to do many of these things.  Confirmation prepares them to take their faith to the next level as they grow in their discipleship.

We believe that because God is the saving force represented in baptism, infants as well as older individuals are appropriate candidates for baptism.  We do not literally remember our infant baptisms, so as a child reaches the ages of reason and responsibility, it is appropriate to give them opportunity to affirm (or confirm) the vows made on their behalf when they were infants, and to take the next steps in their lifelong journey of discipleship.  

Confirmation is the term for this program and the rite of the church that celebrates a young person's decision to make those vows for themselves.  Confirming our faith is, however, a lifelong process.  It does not end with the confirmation ritual, but that ritual is a symbol of their acceptance and commitment to the journey, and an affirmation of our salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.

Confirmation classes are designed to help our children come to a more mature understanding of their faith, and to accept for themselves the vows made for them at their baptism.  We use the Credo curriculum.  At the conclusion of classes, each child has the opportunity to profess their faith in Jesus Christ before the congregation, receive the renewal of support from the congregation, and celebrate this milestone in their faith journey.

While confirmation is a ritual and landmark in the life of faith it is a life-long process.  We are all engaged in a journey of confirming a living and growing faith.  Therefore, it is also appropriate to have adult confirmation classes for individuals who come to us from other denominations, or who simply want to dig deeper into our Methodist heritage, doctrine, polity and theology.

The confirmation ritual is held in the spring, generally between Easter and Pentecost Sundays.