Thomson First United Methodist Church
Monday, June 18, 2018
To make disciples of Jesus Christ through active, Christ-centered ministries of love

Sunday Worship Schedule 

8:30 Traditional Worship - Knox Chapel
(on Main Street across Tom Watson Way)
10:15 Sunday School
Regardless of where it is held or in what style, worship is our offering to God.
Worship involves many things:
All of these elements can occur in worship, but none of them is what worship is.  The late Robert Webber wrote extensively on worship, and his perspective is helpful for us in understanding what we do ... and more importantly, why we do it.  He said that "worship is about God's story," and that it "is not done to us or for us, but by us."  We are not the audience for the fine music, the eloquent words, or the beautiful flowers.  We are the ones offering all these things ... and more ... to an audience of one:  God.
It takes a team to make worship happen every Sunday, on holidays throughout the Christian Year, secular holidays, and other important times in the life of the church.