Thomson First United Methodist Church
Monday, June 18, 2018
To make disciples of Jesus Christ through active, Christ-centered ministries of love



For the past several years, TFUMC has spent a week in Honduras.  A variety of building skills have been useful for these trips as the pictures here show. The teams have also provided medical and dental care, and conducted Bible schools. 

The joys and blessings of these have been life changing experiences for many of the dozens of participants. We have been inspired by the extravagant hope of children and the enduring faithfulness of the aged. The faithful service of United Methodist - both clergy and laity alike - puts the challenges of "doing church" in perspective as we have experienced more of it means to be the church ... the body of Christ in the world. 

Along the way, we made time to play with children, share a meal with new friends, soak in the beauty of the country side ... and some times a bounty of salt water spray ... and enjoy a cool swim after a long hot day.

Sometimes it was daunting ... and sometimes down right scary ... but always it was a blessing.

Every board that has been measured, cut and nailed, every foot of concrete mixed, poured and smoothed ... every smile ... every prayer shared ... we thank God from whom all these blessings flow.

Wondering if you, too, can go on a mission trip outside the United States?

Honduras Mission Photos

Just a few of the hundreds taken in previous years ...