Thomson First United Methodist Church
Monday, June 18, 2018
To make disciples of Jesus Christ through active, Christ-centered ministries of love


 “Serving the needs of others in our Local Community

Rev. John Barnes, Pastoral Leadership

Outreach Team Leaders, Dawn & Bubba Swan
M.A.N.N.A., Inc. Coordinator, Libby Ansley
Scholarship Camp Coordinator, Dawn Powell
Scouting Coordinators, Judy Giles/Butch Askew
Intercessory Prayer, Nan Tam
Sunshine Club Coordinator, Carol Ward & Judy Smith
Transition House Coordinator, Vicki Bonner
Health & Welfare Coordinator, Dot Cofer
By His Hands Soup Kitchen, Charlotte Derry
Bereaved Family Meal Coordinator, Donna Stillinger
DayCare Board Chairperson, Pam Edmondson
PreSchool Board Chairperson, Charlotte Derry